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About us

RIM Fabrics, established over 30 years ago, has been a beacon of excellence in the fabric industry. In 2010, the company took a significant leap forward when it was acquired by Innova International, under the skilled guidance of Sean Philipson and Kylie Knox. Their leadership greatly expanded and enhanced the brand, propelling RIM to new heights of success.


In 2023, RIM began a fresh chapter, transitioning to new ownership who are dedicated to continuing the outstanding legacy, culture, and quality fabric offerings RIM is known for, serving both our valued existing and new clients.

Our celebrated collections, such as Sensation Woven, Metrocentric, and Revelation Woven, though no longer new, have become integral parts of our identity. These ranges have been embraced enthusiastically by our customers and clients for their adaptability in various settings, including workstations, screens, acoustic solutions, dividers, panels, pinboards, and operable walls/doors.

RIM's commitment to providing superior customer service, maintaining the highest quality standards, and delivering exceptional value remains stronger than ever. This dedication to excellence is a cornerstone of our ethos, ensuring that RIM continues to be a distinguished name in the fabric industry, constantly striving to meet the evolving needs of our dynamic market.

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